The Dancer


Travis Clark, 23flower

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Dance Performance Major

Techniques: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, & Tap

My Artistic Approach

With my visual arts interest, I aspire to captivate the rigidity dance has held through continuous cultural evolutions and ever increasing technological demand. Dance has coincided with great scientific advances that are showcased through physical therapy and dance science and kinesiology, both of which exemplify a non-verbal communication technique dance offers. A technique that I aspire to cultivate even further by following in the foot steps of many scholars that have so to find a unity between dance and theatre arts. In all honesty, I have no set or detailed plan for my future. Instead, I let life unfold and I take on opportunities presented to me wholeheartedly. I always strive to remain humble personally and through my work as an artist.

I would like to provide a quote by Federico Fellini that has guided my creativity and passion, “You have to live spherically – in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm – and things will come your way”.

My Story

Dance is a recent addition to my artistic vocabulary. It was introduced to me by a dear friend of mine while attending Arkansas Tech University, where I was pursuing a BA degree in theatre arts. To fulfill an elective credit, I enrolled in a ballet I technique course Spring of 2015. My only experience with anything relating to dance was varsity color guard in high school. Upon walking into the first day of class, my fear of walking into a foreign environment was quickly shattered by the overwhelming relief I felt when I walked into the studio. It was instantly a home. A rush of energy and excitement poured over me, and it was almost a foreign experience. For so long I had be coasting through life, but that studio awakened me. Every aspect of the class intrigued my interest, and two weeks into the course I began to dread going to any other course. All I wanted was to be in the studio. I knew then that I was limiting myself and my potential.

Dancing became a joy that I thought I’d never find. It’s far more than a career choice based on money or yearly income. I do not dance expecting to one day achieve fame. I dance because if I didn’t I would suffocate. My happiness will not be discovered or achieved sitting behind a computer screen. Dance is my release and my comfort. Summer of 2015 I applied to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Dance and Theatre Arts program. I took a massive leap of faith, seeing that I had already been in college for three years, and was accepted into the program. Come fall of 2015, I started my first semester in the dance department. It was an unbelievable awakening into a new world of art that I had only dreamed of. Since my arrival, my passion has once again been ignited and my confidence regained. I am forever grateful for the attentiveness this department has had to allow to me to further pursue my dream.  gray-2_________________________________________________________________________________